How Outalma bounces back from COVID-19

The current health crisis related to the VIDOC-19 pandemic has shaken the world. The social and economic consequences are unprecedented and many activities are now paralyzed. In the logistics field, prices for Outalma’s air freight service are impacted by the elimination of passenger flights between France and Senegal. Outalma’s maritime groupage service has been disrupted […]

Business Development Training

The Outalma team continues to improve their skills during containment. Our next training will be led by Babacar Dramé, business engineer in embedded systems, responsible for automotive and aeronautical equipment supplier accounts. The training theme will be on business development.

Coaching in personal development.

Outalma continues to train its employees during this confinement period! Our session tomorrow will be led by Mr BABA DEME, personal development coach.He will talk about leardership and self-confidence. #OutalmaTraining #Covid19 #TousMobilisés #RestezChezVOUS #StayHome