1.Bineta is a real businesswoman and she has a new project: To open a gourmet restaurant in Saint Louis! To do so, she needs to equip herself with cold rooms, a professional kitchen, furniture, decoration etc. She starts looking on the internet, Conforama, Ikea, ixina ... She finds her happiness there. However, the problem remains: How to buy her equipment and have it delivered to Saint Louis?

2. Hawa is a young medical student at the University of Dakar. For several days now, she has been wanting to buy specialized books to help her improve her skills. Unfortunately, she quickly realizes that the books she is interested in are not available in bookstores in Dakar. The only way to get them is to buy them in France, but neither FNAC nor Amazon will deliver in Dakar ... and anyway, she doesn't even have a credit card! How is she going to do it?

3. Mr. Ndoye is an man of 86 years old. He has been living in France for 60 long years now, he has built his whole life and founded his family there. After all these hard years of work, he definitely wants to return to his beloved native country, Senegal, to take a well-deserved retirement. But how is he going to repatriate all his many belongings, his bulky furniture and all the possessions so dear to him?

OUTALMA was created to enable Bineta, Hawa, Mr. Ndoye and thousands of other people to make their wish come true and write a new page in their history.

Our entities

Outalma transit world n°1 in S-commerce is specialized in logistics between Africa and the rest of the world.
To better serve these customers, Outalma is divided into several entities:

Outalma Business

Outalma Business is an efficient and cost-effective door-to-door service for businesses of all sizes.

Outalma Private

Outalma Private is aimed at private individuals for the purchase or shipment of their personal belongings wherever they may be.

Outalma Market

Outalma's e-commerce platform that allows African merchants to have their products shipped anywhere in the world.